Friday/ helping to pay for the bridge

I took my notebook computer in to the repair shop in Redmond today.
The right (built in) speaker is crackling badly.
I could bypass the little built-in speakers with external ones, but it’s a cheap fix to fix to install a new speaker, and then the machine would be good to go as-is.

I’m westbound to Seattle, crossing Lake Washington via the State Route 520 toll bridge. It was $2.70 to cross eastbound, and $3.40 for this crossing, so $6.10 total. That’s OK, it’s nice to have a new bridge. (It opened in 2016 at a cost of $4.6 billion). Way out in the distance cloud cover is rolling in from the coast⁠— a weak front that will bring the highs for the weekend down to the low 70s (low 20s °C). We’ve had pleasant, mild summer weather so far.

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