Wednesday/ inflation: still going up

June’s inflation came in at 9.1%.
It seems that the Fed will definitely raise the Federal Reserve rate another 75 basis points at the end of July, and it could very well be 100 basis points (1.0%).

The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) number for the second quarter will come out just the day after the interest rate hike.
GDP growth in Q1 was -1.6%.
Goldman Sachs now says the GDP growth number for Q2 will come in at 0.7%.
The Atlanta Fed is way more pessimistic: its latest forecast for Q2 GDP growth is -1.2%.
A negative Q2 number would mean we are in a recession: two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth.
It seems we need to have our recession sooner rather than later, so that inflation can be tamed.

So far in 2022 we have had Jan 7.5% | Feb 7.9% | Mar 8.5% | Apr 8.3% | May 8.6% | Jun 9.1%.
[Graph from Wall Street Journal]

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