Sunday/ clear skies

It was a lovely day here in the Pacific Northwest, and not too warm: 77 °F (25°C).
The 6 o’clock Nightmare Show (NBC’s Nightly News) reported that the Yosemite wildfire threatens a grove of giant sequoias.
We have been blessed with clear skies here so far.

The sun is setting as I stroll by Jamjuree’s, the Thai restaurant on 15th Avenue. Four young people had just crowded into Liberty Bar behind me, and Hopvine Pub ahead is hopping as well. The street block up ahead is still in rough shape with Coastal Kitchen still closed. The empty building in the distance on the left (old QFC store) is clean again after the latest round of graffiti had been scrubbed from it.
That little white blob in the sky is the moon, on its way to becoming 2022’s largest supermoon, this Wednesday July 13th (it will be at its closest point to Earth for the year).

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