Tuesday/ blue is a hard color

Seattle photographer Tim Durkan took these spectacular photos of last night’s fireworks⁠— the first Seafair fireworks show on Lake Union in 3 years.
He uses slightly longer exposures that make the fiery blooms look even better than in real life, I suspect.

Facebook: Tim Durkan Photography
Instagram: @TimDurkan
Twitter: @TimDurkan


The colors in fireworks come from the salt compounds of barium, copper and strontium.
Blue is hard to create:  the copper compounds for the blues do not hold up well in high heat. The search is still on for other compounds after all this time!

Barium ChlorideBaCl₂Color AgentGreens
Barium NitrateBa(NO₃)₂OxidizerGreens
Copper Carbonate CH₂Cu₂O₅Color AgentBlues
Copper Chloride CuCl₂Color AgentBlues
MagnaliumMg-Al alloyHeat & lightNeutral
Potassium Perchlorate KClO₄OxidizerStars & flashes
Sodium OxalateC₂Na₂O₄Color AgentYellows, Gold
Strontium CarbonateSrCO₃Color AgentReds
Strontium Chloride SrCl₂Color AgentReds
Strontium NitrateSr(NO₃)₂OxidizerReds

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