Saturday/ the U District Street Fair is back

Here are a few scenes from the U District Street Fair, back this year after three-year hiatus because of Covid.

I had just exited the U District Light rail station, and rounded the corner of Brooklyn Ave NE and 45th Street. The red markings, for the newly designated bus lane on 45th Avenue, are a recent addition.
The Fair had the usual assortment of vendors selling art, clothing and trinkets (and soap for blowing bubbles). This is University Way NE (closed to traffic, of course).
The band was playing Fleetwood Mac’s Rhiannon. The singer delivered a decent interpretation of the lyrics of the 1975 song (written and originally sung by Stevie Nicks, Fleetwood Mac’s lead vocalist). Nicks is said to have introduced the song in concerts by saying ‘This is a song about an old Welsh witch’.
The food trucks seemed to be very well supported, with some having lines of 20, 30 people. The sign in the window of this truck serving up Alaska weathervane scallops says ‘We are the Fishermen’.
Gyros and falafel on the left, and pirozhki across the street, the baked or fried boat-shaped buns with different kinds of fillings.
And here comes my south-bound train at U District station to take me two stops down to Capitol Hill station. Some 75% of the passengers still wear masks, and I was one of those. 

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