Tuesday/ stop with the ‘springing forward’

So on Tuesday, with almost no warning and no debate, the Senate unanimously passed legislation to do away with the biannual springing forward and falling back that most Americans have come to despise, in favor of making daylight saving time permanent. The bill’s fate in the House was not immediately clear, but if the legislation were to pass there and be signed by President Biden, it would take effect in November 2023.
– From the New York Times

Daffodils on 17th Avenue today. Our sun now sits an hour higher in the sky at 5 pm, than it did just on Saturday.
Most Americans (not residents of Hawaii and Arizona) lost an hour of sleep on Saturday night due to the adjustment to Daylight Saving Time. I have several clocks in the house that have to be adjusted manually. Every time I adjusted a clock, I thought: ‘This is stupid’. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

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