Thursday/ gasoline: now above five

Expensive gas is in the news again.
I walked by three gas stations tonight and did a mini-survey.
It turned out that my average for just these three is spot-on for the city’s average.
Seattle is about a dollar a gallon above the national average, but a dollar or more below California’s prices.
(The New York Times: California’s high fuel prices are partly because of taxes as well as regulatory programs aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Together, they added about $1.27 to the cost of a gallon of gas last month, according to a calculation by the Western States Petroleum Association.)

CompanyRegular Unleaded [$/ Gal]
7-Eleven was the cheapest at $4.899/ gal.
Got to love those perpetual and silly 9/10 of a cent at the end. That’s Madison Avenue on which work had ground to a halt weeks ago, due to a city-wide strike by concrete workers.
Here’s Shell with $4.999/ gal.
Let’s call it 5 even, shall we? And yeah, those scooters on the sidewalk are looking better and better.
And whoah. 76 is NOT SHY, coming in at $5.179/ gal. (If you are not willing to fumble with paper money and coins, and pay with a card, it’s $5.199/ gal).
Take that street car behind the sign, mate.

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