Monday/ Belgium’s new passports

Belgium’s new passports (issued as of today) have pages in that feature images from the country’s comic book heritage.

The characters making an appearance are Lucky Luke, The Smurfs (yes, the Smurfs were created in Belgium in 1958), and Hergé’s Tintin.

A passport ready for space travel? Sophie Wilmes, Belgian Foreign Minister, shows the new Belgian international passport with its drawing of the rocket from the Tintin adventures Objectif Lune (‘Destination Moon’, first published 1953) and On a Marché Sur la Lune (‘Explorers on the Moon’, 1954).
[Photo: Benoit Doppagne/ DPA]
Visa pages in the new Belgian passport with a background drawing by Hergé, from Les Sept Boules de Cristal (‘The Seven Crystal Balls’, 1948). The figures walking towards the chateau are Captain Haddock, Tintin and Snowy.
[Photo: DPA]

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