Sunday/ a White Christmas– a day late

I measured 3.5 in (9 cm) of snow on the rail along the deck in my backyard at about 1 pm today.
We might get another 3 inches the next day or two, I think.

There were snow flurries all morning. Mr Squirrel came down from the tree, and ran in the snow along the top of the fence, even though it was just 25 °F (−4 °C) outside.
Here’s 15th Avenue and Republican.
Nice to have a Jeep to drive in the snow. Uncle Ike’s pot shop is open, as is the Hopvine bar, which is where the two guys on the right were headed. I guess they wanted to get out of the house.
This is 16th Avenue at Republican.
I spotted a snow plow truck last night, spewing salt onto some of the arterial roads to keep them clear as long as possible. I suspect that no longer works with 3+ inches of snow and freezing temperatures.

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