Saturday/ tourists at the Space Needle

My brother, visiting from California, made for the perfect reason to go and check out the Space Needle again.
The Needle had undergone a refurbishment inside and out, during 2017 and 2018, and I had not been up to the observation deck since that time.

There is a nice gallery of photos lining the walkway up to the elevator that goes to the observation deck. If 1962 was the future (during the 1962 World Fair in Seattle), we are definitely now in the future, as well.
The construction of the Space Needle.
A Space Needle in the Space Needle. (It’s made of LEGO bricks). We did our vaccination check outside and are now on our way to the ticket check and the free Space Needle photo with the fake background.
Here’s the picture with the fake background. My hair is a little windswept but that’s OK. That cityscape behind us needs a little updating, though. Multiple new skyscrapers to the city skyline had been added over the last 10 years.
Going up in the elevator. 100% fresh air says the sign; we have our masks on and we are also in the NO TALKING ZONE (!) says the sticker on the frame on the right.
Beautiful blue skies. I’m looking almost north, through a thick glass pane on the observation deck, out over Elliot Bay in Puget Sound. That’s the square roof of Climate Pledge Arena in the foreground. There is a reflection of the spire of the Space Needle in the middle of the picture, with the Christmas light bulb strands.
There is a staircase down to the rotating glass floor of the Needle. Eek. 
One more picture of the observation deck. It was cold outside, but great to get a break from wearing a mask.

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