Tuesday/ a recall vote

Yay! Vote canvassers will stop knocking on my door for a while, and stop harassing me when I walk along 15th Avenue.
The recall vote for controversial socialist Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawant finally drew to a close today. The vote counting started tonight. (We vote by mail, so people in Seattle’s District 3 have been voting ever since they got their ballots in the mail more than two weeks ago).

The votes in favor of recalling Sawant is leading with a significant margin. The last-day votes (those that came in today) are said to typically be from younger people, that would vote against the recall, so there is still a little hope for Sawant to prevail. I am not a fervent Sawant supporter, but it will be a step back the progressive movement if she is recalled. It’s just that things got out of hand last year with the Black Lives Matter protests, on top of the pandemic, all against a backdrop of a swelling homeless population in the city. The challenges to the City Council and law enforcement are substantial, and the solutions are not obvious.
Update Wed 12/8: Another batch of vote counts was released, and the YES and NO votes are now essentially even (separated by a few hundred votes).
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