Sunday/ at the car wash

My car needed a wash, and off I went tonight, to Uncle Ike’s on 23rd Avenue. (Uncle Ike’s Car Wash, that is— not the Uncle Ike’s pot shop that is right next door).

I do a pre-rinse, put soap on, wash the car & wheel caps by hand with a big mitt, and then rinse everything off.
I dry it all by hand. There is a new blow-dryer gun right there for use in the wash bay, and I might try that next time. Hopefully it won’t fry the paint. Yikes. That will be bad.
Time in the wash bay is money, though. I spent $12 on the wash cycle tonight, a little more than usual. I also forgot to put the car in wash mode before I started washing (it gets the windshield wipers out of the way).

Done with the wash & rinse.  I’m about to hop in the car to take it to the vacuum bay, to dry it all off by hand*, outside, as well as inside the doors, the door linings, the trunk lid and the frunk lid, where a little water inevitably gets in. The drying takes a lot longer than the washing & rinsing! 
*With a set of drying cloths called ‘Dry Me A River’, that I had bought on Amazon.

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