Tuesday/ Denny Way construction

Here are a few pictures that I have taken today— of the ongoing construction on Denny Way.

I’m on Melrose Avenue up on the terrace, overlooking Interstate 5 towards the south. I believe construction on those twin 45-story apartment towers on 1200 Stewart Street have topped out. (In the left corner is the 545 Redmond bus, running from 6th Ave & Royal Brougham St to the Bear Creek Park and Ride in Redmond).
A telephoto view from Melrose Ave and Denny Way taken at the top of the I-5 overpass. Looks like the 1,179 apartment units of 1120 Denny Way are ready for renters to move in. I was hoping the Space Needle would still have the Seattle Kraken flag on, but no, the flag has had its turn on the Needle for now.
Now I’m on Denny Way, looking up at the 1200 Stewart Street towers. From this angle it looks as if they are leaning in are conspiring with each other.
The 42-story apartment tower called 2014 Fairview Avenue is just about complete, as well. There’s a bright rainbow in the distance. I hastened around the block to get a fuller view, but by then it had already faded a little.
Making my way back on the south side of Denny Way. The new building on the right is the 44-story, 393-unit apartment tower at 2019 Boren Ave. The brick building on the right is the Puget Sound Notion Building, designed by Seattle architect Louis Svarz (1886-1976) and constructed in 1930. It has a lecture hall and rehearsal studio and was used by the Cornish College of the Arts, but Google Maps says the building is now ‘Permanently Closed’.

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