Monday/ driving in the rain

I realized on Sunday, driving around in the pouring rain, that’s it’s a new experience for me in my car (it’s been dry ever since I had gotten the car at the end of June).

The windshield wipers switch on automatically, but at times they seem to be a little too frantic (enthusiastic?) with the wiping.  I intervene then, and adjust the wiper frequency down a notch.
I like the stalk on the right of the steering wheel to push on*, to get to the wiper controls (and not to have to go through the console screen selections).

*Tesla’s new steering wheel on the Model S and X has none of that, as the steering column is not equipped with any stalk.

I am on Denny Way, waiting at the traffic light to turn left, to get to I-5 South. Looks like the 1200 Stewart St apartment tower has topped out (45 floors of apartments). The twin towers in the distance on the right, are part of the 1120 Denny Way apartments (construction is just about complete).

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