Tuesday/ hey! close my door!

I had groceries on the back seat of the car when I pulled into my garage tonight. I stepped out of the car, took the groceries out, closed the door, and put the charging cable in.

As I stepped into the house, the car reported ‘The rear driver side door has been left open’ on my phone. Well, it was open for a minute or two but I’m sure I closed it, I thought. I popped my head into the open garage door. Yup, it’s closed.

But 16 mins later the message came again, and I went and took a closer look.
Sure enough: the car was right. The door was ostensibly ‘closed’, but not latched properly (firmly). So to the car, the door was open.

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  1. I’ve had the same thing happen to me about the door not being closed. Also, I had a warning about a window being down and I went out into the garage and looked. Couldn’t see a window down. Went back inside and another warning of a window being down. Went back out and sure enough I found a window down maybe an eighth of an inch. Put it up and the warning went away. Dale C

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