Sunday/ the Games are over (hooray)

Well, that was that.
The Games held in a pandemic is now over. It was getting a little too much for me: the commercial-filled coverage from NBC with the taa-ta-ra-tataa music, and my Twitter feed filled up with stories and superlatives (best ever, most medals).

Great action picture of 23-yr old Neeraj Chopra, the Indian athlete that won the first ever track and field gold medal for his country. His final throw of 87.58m was not his personal best, but good enough to win the gold.
The German javelin star Johannes Vetter was also not in good form. He had thrown a second-best all-time throw of 97.76m last year. Coming into the Games, he boasted the season-best in 2021, a spectacular 96.29m. He just could not best Chopra at this event at the Games. [Photo by Reuters]

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