Saturday/ more rain, maybe

A little rain fell into the gauge at Seattle-Tacoma airport yesterday, ending the 51-day dry streak there.
There were pleasant, cool temperatures around the city today (69 °F/ 21 °C). A little bit of rain may fall later tonight and in the morning.

Summer is definitely not over, though: we are going to get into the mid-90s by Thursday, and even have to deal with wildfire smoke.

Killer cartoon by Lebanese-Swiss cartoonist Patrick Chappatte, from Der Spiegel.
‘Warming, Floods, Fires. No U-turn possible’. Yes, there is no turning back to a totally clean start, but we can still mitigate and reduce the changes we are making to the climate with our actions. That family car has no tail pipe, so I trust that means it is an electric vehicle! 

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