Tuesday/ the heat is coming

This weekend is going to be a scorcher for the Pacific Northwest.
I am among the 40% of Seattle households that do not have air conditioning installed. I do have a unit on wheels, that I will set up again in my bedroom.

Let’s see: that 76 is 24 °C, 79 is 26 °C, 86 is 30 °C, 96 & 97 are 36 °C and 94 is 34 °C. It’s weird how I know how hot a Fahrenheit temperature is, and also, a Celsius temperature*— but I still cannot switch from one to the other in my head, after all these years in the US.
*South Africa switched to the decimal system and to SI Units of measure when I was in elementary school.
[Graphic by the National Weather Service]

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  1. Here’s an easy way you can do it in your head remember that 20ºC is 68ºF, then for every 5º more in C, add 9º in F.

    Thus 25ºC is 77ºF, 30ºC is 86ºF, 35º is 95ºF, 40ºC is 104ºF.
    Notice that the last digit in the F value goes down one each 5ºC, ie, 8,7,6,5.4, 3, 2, 1, 0 when you reach 60ºC or 140ºF.

    And of course it goes down 9ºF for every 5ºC from 68ºF as well. Or you can start at 10ºC at 50ºF and go with the last digit as 0,9,8,7,6,5, etc.

    1. hi Dale, thanks for the tip! I’ll give it a try. I see it will easily top 100 or even 105 in the coming days in Ellensburg, but I suspect you guys over on the east side of the Cascades are better equipped in your homes than we are in Seattle, to handle very warm weather :).

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