Friday/ ‘a prisoner, released back into society’

Dottie from San Francisco, commenting on a New York Times article that mentions a few countries in Europe that Americans may be able to travel to, this summer:

‘After over a year of lockdown, I thought I’d be itching to travel but actually I feel the opposite. I’ve been working from home in practically solitary confinement, only broken up by daily walks in the park and weekly grocery trips, and it has made me anxious and stressed to be in crowds. I doubt I’d want to go anywhere after getting vaccinated.

Often I feel like a prisoner who’s been released back into society taking baby steps to do things that were once normal, routine. I haven’t eaten inside a restaurant in over a year. I can’t imagine getting on a plane and being surrounded by people. Let’s all hold off and wait until 2022, when most of the population at our destinations are vaccinated and we ourselves have acclimated back to normal daily living’.

My sentiments exactly, I’m afraid.

Here’s my December 2019 picture of the old Harajuku train station building, on the Yamanote Line in Tokyo. I went there to take a last look at it. It was the oldest wooden train station building in Tokyo, and was scheduled for demolition just a few months later.
Even with no pandemic, four of the 27 people in the picture are wearing masks.
Here’s the new Harajuku station building, all glass and steel, of course. It opened on March 21, 2020, amidst the chaos of a worldwide pandemic. When will I get to ride on the Yamanote Line again, and hop off at this station to check it out? Only time will tell.
Everyone is wearing a mask, except the dude in the middle with his Michael Kors tracksuit.
[Picture from Wikipedia]

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