Sunday/ Miami’s vices

It’s spring break. In these times there should not even be a party, but this weekend young people travelled to Miami in the thousands, anyway. They crowded close together on the beaches, and in the streets on Ocean Drive, and then they brawled in the streets, and trashed some of the bars & restaurants.

‘Seemingly undeterred by the police presence on Sunday night in South Beach, two maskless men in their 20s, who were wearing board shorts and clutching hard seltzers, took turns snorting white lines from a postcard. Around the corner, a group of police officers stood calmly, talking with one another and shouting for people to go home.

A man who was part of a maskless throng of people walking toward Ocean Drive sipped from an almost empty bottle of cognac and nodded at the officers.

“I’m throwing it away,” he said, pointing into the distance. “It’s my birthday.”
“Hurry up, man,” one of the officers said, cautioning about a police detail nearby.
The officers stayed in place and continued their conversation as the group headed toward the bars that were now shuttered’.
– reported by Neil Vigdor, Michael Majchrowicz and Azi Paybarah in the New York Times

A man danced on top of a police car on Saturday night despite the 8 p.m. curfew in Miami Beach. [Photo Credit- Marco Bello/Reuters]
(Dude. 1. I would not dance on a police car, even if I were smashed-up drunk/ correction: especially not, if I were smashed-up drunk.
2. You have no friends, looking out for you, to pull you off from that car? Looks to me like you’re about to get shot dead.)
Miami-Dade County, which includes Miami Beach, has recently endured one of the nation’s worst coronavirus outbreaks. The state is also thought to have the highest concentration of B.1.1.7, the more contagious and possibly more lethal virus variant first identified in Britain.

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