Sunday/ Denny Way & 5th Ave

I went on a beer run today to track down some of my favorite German beer. (The grocery store was out of stock, and my own supplies were running dangerously low).
On the way back there was a break in the rain, and so I stopped at Denny Way and 5th Avenue to take a few pictures.

Nice to see that Fat City, the ‘German car clinic’ is still there, at Denny Way and 5th Avenue. (They’ve been there since 1972). The Space Needle is not far away (on the right).
There goes the Seattle Center Monorail train, doing its 0.9 mile run from the Space Needle, and running along 5th Ave to Westlake Center in downtown.
The new Seattle Spire condominiums on Denny Way, officially at 600 Wall Street, has 41 storeys. (The building does not taper to the top; the vertical lines are just bent by the wide-angle panorama shot).  The two light gray towers on the left are those of the Insignia Towers condominiums (also 41 storeys), completed in 2016.
Here’s a little skyline of Amazon’s buildings, seen from the corner of Battery St & 6th Ave. The big square building with the ‘key slot’ in the middle is Amazon Nitro North, the black one in the back, to its right, Amazon re: Invent, and the tall rectangular towers on the right are Amazon Day 1 and Amazon Doppler behind it. There’s a whole lot of Amazon buildings downtown, and I don’t know the ones in the middle, such as that light blue one. I  will have to find out, so that I can annotate my picture. The blue Porsche is a 911, I think. (I’m no Porsche expert).

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