Wednesday/ the days are still shrinking

Three o’clock is still good for a walk outside, as the last of the sunlight catches the homes across the street. Four is now too late.

The trees lining 19th Ave are all bare now (looking south from Highland Drive).
Here’s a 1964 Lincoln Continental that I found on 19th Ave (official color: Arctic White). The car’s length is almost 18 ft (5.4m). The rear doors are rear-hinged, and to alert drivers of open doors, Lincoln fitted the dashboard with a “Door Ajar” warning light (as seen on many modern automobiles). [Source: Wikipedia]
.. which reminds me of the little pun ‘When is a door not a door? When it is ajar’.

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  1. My Dad bought my Mom a brand new ’63 Continental. I thought at the time, being 9yo, that it was HUGE! The rear doors were also called “suicide doors” for obvious reasons.
    I remember riding once with my Mom when we got rear ended by a VW bug. The bug’s front end was totally smashed. We never felt a thing, just heard a crunch. There was very little damage on the rear bumper of our car. It was a beast!
    My older brother inherited it, cuz he was a recreational pilot and had access to aviation fuel. That fuel had high octane and lead to prevent knock. Ethyl gas was no longer available, but filling the tank with some aviation fuel and premium unleaded solved the problem.

    1. Wow, aviation fuel for a car, never knew that could be done! Funny that the poor Bug got smashed up with no damage to the Continental. Many years ago in Johannesburg, South Africa, my grandfather had a (second-hand) Rolls Royce, and then one day someone ran into the rear end from the side, as he was backing out of his driveway. There was just a one-inch scrape by the wheel well, that’s it. -W.

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