Saturday/ Tintin, in Spanish

And here is the Spanish translation of King Ottokar’s Sceptre (see my recent posts about its translations into Scots, Irish and Welsh).

Below is the panel from the book again that I use to compare the translations with (Tintin and detectives on the motorcycle). The two bungling detectives with similar-sounding names (in Spanish: Hernández & Fernández) say the same thing as usual, but just in different words.

This Spanish language edition of King Ottokar’s Sceptre, El Cetro de Ottokar, is from 2017, by publisher Editorial Juventud. The original colored comic strip book (French) was published in 1947, and the first Spanish translation came in 1958.
Detective Hernández: ¡Andando! Let’s go! Estamos listos. We are ready.
Detective Fernández: Yo aún diría más. I would even say more. ¡Estamos listas! We are ready.
Tintin: All right!  (curious that the English ‘All right!’ is used. Could ¡Está bien! have been used? I’m not sure.
Tintin’s white pooch Snowy is named Milú in the Spanish translation.

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