Saturday/ the downtown Barnes & Noble bookstore closes

I went down to the Barnes & Noble bookstore in downtown Seattle today one more time, before it closed its doors for good today. This leaves downtown without a big bookstore*, a somewhat shocking state of affairs. People just don’t buy new books like they used to, or: they buy them on Amazon at a  discount, of course.

*There is still a Barnes & Noble at Northgate, the Elliott Bay Book Company on Capitol Hill, and the University Bookstore in U-District, as well as a smattering of second hand bookstores.

Paintwork inside the Barnes & Noble. Left to right: Mary Shelley, English novelist who wrote the Gothic novel Frankenstein; Walt Whitman, influential American poet; Herman Melville, novelist, short-story writer and poet perhaps most famous for writing Moby-Dick.
Aw. No more storytelling for the kids with Winnie-the-Pooh bear’s Hundred Acre Wood as a backdrop. The bear sits on a branch in the tree on the right. Says Winnie-the-Pooh: ‘The only reason for being a bee is to make honey. And the only reason for making honey, is so I can eat it’.
The Barnes and Noble was in the basement of the 4-storey Pacific Place mall, and there is no official word yet about the use of that space now. The entire mall is getting a makeover of sorts.

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