Tuesday/ how now with the Dow?

‘Investors are grumpy, and have nothing to look forward to’ says the New York Times.  The Dow Jones Industrial Average has lost steam since its high point in late January.

Today Caterpillar (construction machinery and equipment company) spooked everyone on a conference call, saying the first quarter ‘may have been the high-water mark for business for the year’.  Apple analysts worry openly about sagging iPhone X sales. Bigger picture, interest rates are going up, and the cloud of trade tariffs still hangs over all of the market as well.

Graph from Bloomberg Businessweek (I added the ‘How Now Brown Cow’/ Down Dow’).   I hope we stay afloat, and will be at or above the 24,000 mark by year-end.  It is useful to look back, and see that we are still far above the 21,000 mark from just a year ago.

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