Thursday/ trouble at Toys-R-Us

Menacing Sasquatches at Toys-R-Us. (Winter Sasquatch and Summer Sasquatch, I suppose). Sasquatch is the Pacific Northwest’s abominable snowman from folklore.

The nationwide toy store franchise Toys-R-Us is in trouble and is said to be closing or selling all of its stores soon.  (Aw. I like Toys-R-Us). The company just has too much debt, and this dates back to before competition from Amazon, Target and Wal-Mart all took their toll.

So I made a run to the store here in the area today, and bought a giant box of special Only-at-Toys-R-Us Lego bricks, for myself, of course.(‘Age 5-99’ said the box, and I fall in that age range, see?).

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