Friday/ a stock market melt-up?

Bloomberg Businessweek already calls the run-up of the stock market a ‘melt-up’.

It’s not even mid-January, and the stock market is already up 4% for the year.

Veteran investor Bill Miller said on CNBC this week of the US stock market, that there might be a ‘melt-up’ this year.  Bond investors could soon decide that they are missing out, and start pouring lots of money into equity funds.  This scenario could add another 30% of valuation – this to a stock market that has now gone up for nine years, with no 10% (or more) correction since 2011.  Whoah.  That would be a time for even the most optimistic investor to start to panic.

Bill Miller pointed to the U.S. 10 Year Treasury Note, and said if the rate breaks through 2.6%, and heads towards 3%, that bond investors could start bailing out of bond funds and cause a stock market melt-up. (An increasing bond yield means existing bond holders will get a lower return when selling their existing bond investment).

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