Sunday night/ a walk on 15th Ave

I love this barber shop’s old-fashioned neon sign with the scissor clock. Neon signs have been around since they were first demonstrated at the Paris Motor Show in 1910. These red RED letters might be the Wild West font called Romantique.
And here is the kitchen counter in a brand new studio apartment called Vitality on Howell St off 15th Ave. So this kitchen-living room-bedroom is all in one space, with the bathroom the only other room. A 350 sqft studio apartment goes for $1,400/month. It’s expensive, but I think in San Francisco these apartments would easily go for $2,000/month. 


The sunset (7.45 pm) catches me some of these days, before I start out on my after-dinner walk, and then I have to stick to the main streets with lighting.  It’s OK/ safe to walk in the dark here, but one can bump into people coming around the corner, or stumble on uneven paving!   Here are two pictures from 15th Ave here on Capitol Hill.



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