Monday/ dinner in Kingston

Kingston is on the west side of the Kitsap Peninsula. The short way to get there is by using the Kingston-Edmonds ferry. It can also be reached by driving the long way round, south around Puget Sound.

I went out to the Kitsap peninsula on Monday, to get ready for a little road trip down to Astoria in Oregon with my friends Bryan and Paul.  (We had a nice dinner at the Kingston Alehouse).

The plan is to drive down to Astoria, Oregon on the Pacific coast and stay there for two nights, and explore the interesting sights in the area.

We’re pulling away from Edmonds for the Edmonds-Kingston ferry crossing.
The marina at Kingston on Monday night. The dinghies in the foreground may have been cleaned and need to go back onto their respective yachts or boats, The Kingston ferry terminal is immediately to the left of the marina, and on the right is Appletree Cove.


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