Saturday/ the Chishi Bridge

The bridge pylons are 287 m tall (941 ft).

‘Once every decade a bridge comes along that is so large that it can only be described with words like colossal, gargantuan, mammoth and epic’, says the website highest bridges of the Chishi Bridge in the south of China.

(To be sure, there is the Millau Viaduct in the south of France, to compare to it. Since this Viaduct’s opening in 2004, it has been consistently ranked as one of the great engineering achievements of all time).

Also – check out this otherworldly animation on the New York Times with the four pillars rising from the valley floor up, up out of the mist like gigantic tuning forks.

The NYT article sounds a cautionary note, as well – be careful not to overspend on infrastructure that goes underused.

This still from the New York Times animation shows how tall the pylons of the bridge are. There are four of these, for a total length of 2.27 km (1.4 mi).
Just for fun, I typed in ‘Chishixiang, Hunan, China’ on Google Maps, to see what the bird’s eyeview of the bridge looks like. I just could not do a ‘virtual drive across the bridge since Google Streetview is not available for this map.


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