Friday/ Koryo Tours’s offerings

This ‘homage’ to a hamburger (served up cold, from a refrigerator on the airplane) is served on Air Koryo flights.

So : no nuclear test blasts on Friday in North Korea (good), during the Day of the Sun military parade.  The Rachel Maddow Show (daily news and opinion TV show) reported that the three-times-a-week flights from Beijing on Air China into Pyongyang has been suspended, though.

That still leaves the option of going there with Air Koryo, on a Soviet-era airplane (no jeans, no talking to locals, no traveling solo).  As the Koryo Tours website notes : Travelling with us to Pyongyang, and beyond, is something you’ll remember forever.

Great colors in the graphics on the main page of the Koryo Tours website.
One of the pictures on the Koryo Tours website. Traveling solo is not allowed in North Korea – you will always have two tour guides with you.


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