Thursday/ spring weather, early

The Zürchers(and I) have had sunny, spring-y weather since Tuesday (but I see our luck is going to run out on Saturday, with a cold front that will bring rain as well).   I plan to go on a quicky boat cruise on Lake Zürich tomorrow.  Today I took a break from walking all over the city, and – among other things – took care of some laundry at a laundromat on the northern outskirts of the city. The streets are quiet there and it was nice to get away from the all the people in Old Town. (It’s actually not too crowded just yet.   I’m sure once summer is here, there will be five times more people).

1A person from Zürich/ that lives in Zürich

Here’s my post-card picture of the Zurich skyline from Wednesday night. This is looking north while on the bridge at Burkliplatz.
Newsboard inside Zurich Main Station. It’s 6.40 pm and the temperature outside is still a decent 12°C/ 54°F, down from a high of 18°C/ 64°F (Zurich is in the north on the map).
Also at Zurich Main Station, this worker made some heads turn while he was wheeling around this display case marionette.

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