Monday night/ home

I loved the rotating globe on the ‘sky map’ display channel on the plane. Honaria is in the Solomon Islands, 18 hrs ahead of Seattle. And New Zealand is away even one time zone more, at 19 hours.
This still is from an anime film I had watched on the plane, called ‘The Place Promised in Our Early Days’.  It is about parallel universes, and war, and worlds that are changing.  Anime films are enormously popular in Japan.  The film ‘Your Name’ that runs there right now, is the second highest grossing movie of all time there. (Most popular was 2001 ‘Spirited Away’ by director Hayao Miyazaki).

I’m home: east, west, (and north south), home best.  With Tokyo 17 hours ahead of Seattle, the 9 hour flight back landed us at Seattle much ‘earlier’ on Monday, than when we had left in Tokyo on Monday.

We had just pulled up to the gate at Seattle’s South Terminal. The sky is crisp and clear and cold, with a little snow still on the airport grounds, left over from New Years evening and New Years day.

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