Sunday/ an early start

Our project’s final testing img_8611-sm-jogsessions (with the business users), were scheduled to start early Monday morning.    It’s a choreographed affair, and part sales talk (this is what is great about your new solution) and part technical talk (this is what you need to test and try to break).  So I took a Sunday night flight out, picked up a rental car at SFO and drove out to the east side of the Bay.  My regular hotel in Walnut Creek was sold out, and so I had to use Google Maps to find my hotel in Pleasanton (which reminds me of the fictitious 1950s town called Pleasantville from the 1998 move with the same name).

Here’s another Alaska Airlines engine photo. The white line in the water is the Bay Bridge. The city of San Francisco and the Embarcadero is in the foreground (to the left of the bridge) and that is the ‘stepsister’ city of Oakland and its port lit up in bright orange across the water.

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