Tuesday’s pictures

Here are today’s pictures of the city.   The weather was a perfect 70.

The Shell Building is at 100 Bush St. It was built in 1929 and occupied by Shell Oil Company until the 1960s.  It features Art Deco and Modern Gothic architectural styles.
The TransAmerica pyramid was completed in 1972, and has been the tallest building in the city since then (48 floors). It is soon to be surpassed by the Salesforce Tower that is under construction, though. (Note : the straight lines on the building edges are bent slightly by the wide panorama angle of my phone’s lens).
I like the clean modern lines of the Umpqua Bank’s flagship building in San Francisco, on 450 Samsone St. It opened recently, in 2013 and features mobile concierges inside, iPads, interactive touch screens, outdoor seating and a free “loaner” bike.
Here’s the street car that I took to Fisherman’s Wharf to get back to my hotel from the office.

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