Thursday/ plane, train and bus

Arriving at Sea-Tac Airport’s North Terminal.
Here comes the north-bound train (at the Sea-Tac airport station).
And here is the No 10 bus that takes me that last mile up the hill to Capitol Hill, so that I don’t have to drag my suitcase along for ten blocks.

Our flight into Seattle arrived 30 minutes late today.  We flew into a strong headwind of about 110 mph for most of the way.  Our pilot said that with a tailwind the airplane would could go as much as 120 miles per gallon, per passenger, but that today it would probably be closer to 60 miles per gallon, per passenger.

So .. with a motorcycle or scooter and say, 24 hrs to work with (instead of 2 hours!), I could have made it to Seattle with more or less the same fuel consumption compared to flying up with the airplane !


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