Tuesday/ the new Republican center of gravity

Check out the animated Trump ‘constellation’ in this article from The Guardian. The inner circle of planets around the Trump Sun endorsed him; a little further out are the ‘supporters’ (but no endorsement), then the wait-and-see Republicans (time is up, people! make your statements), and finally – reminder : you’re still a Republican, same as Trump – the ‘Never Trumpers’.   The question is what will happen that first Tuesday in November. Will the orange sun explode into a supernova? (President Trump) .. or lose its heat and become a red dwarf? (Fade from the media glare and attention).

From the article : Marsha Blackburn REPRESENTATIVE, TN : ‘I think he is going to be the next president of the United States and he would be an incredible president of the United States’.   Incredible, yes. (Impossible to believe).

8-29-2016 11-55-13 PM

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