Monday/ out sick

WebEx 2
These modern office workers are on a video conference call (picture from the Cisco WebEx homepage) .. something I still do very rarely. I do use WebEx extensively to do on-line training, or to show an on-line audience slides and screens that we need to discuss.

I came down with a cold and an ear infection (as I learned when I visited the doctor on Monday) over the weekend, and so: no travel to San Francisco for me this week.

These days we have all the technologies for collaborating remotely – e-mail and text messaging of course, conference calls, remote screen sharing, and so on.  What is still rare to this day, in my experience, is using video conferencing. Our on-line meetings are mostly a telephone conference only, and then we use the WebEx meeting software to look at a presenter’s computer screen.  And if needed, someone else can be made presenter, and share his or her screen, and so on.

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