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Hillary Clinton accepted her nomination as the Democratic candidate for the Presidency officially today.  The Democrats ran a great 2016 National Conference, packed with entertainment and party leaders in attendance.  They also rolled out the heavy artillery to make the case against Republican candidate Trump, and speaking out in support of Hillary Clinton.  On Wednesday night nobody less than New York American business magnate, politician, and philanthropist Michael Bloomberg, Vice-President Joe Biden and President Obama himself, rallied the supporters in the arena in Philadelphia.  President Obama spoke heartfelt and eloquently about the American values of inclusion and diversity, and many other things.  ‘President of the United States’ was all the lettering on the big screen banner behind him, said.   No need to say more.  I am going to miss him as President, as I know many millions of my fellow Americans will, as well.

Meanwhile, back at the Republican National Committee offices tonight, chairman Reince Priebus fired off a tweet urging Republicans to contribute to Donald Trump’s campaign.

7-28-2016 10-32-04 PM

The responses were brutal.  Here is a sampling from Twitter, safe for printing in a newspaper.

@Reince I’d rather set fire to my own money than donate to Trump’s GOP.
@Reince It’s over. You’re done. #ripGOP
@joekarce @Reince Yeah that tea party thing worked out REAL well. *sarcasm* Trump is killing the GOP. #goodriddance
@joekarce @tmkrause @Reince at least HRC is not a draft-dodging Putin-loving traitor like Comrade Trumpsky! #SovietTrump #DonTheCon
@Reince Tax returns first.
@SWNID @Reince who cares… Geesh
@Reince Never again in my life. And I have sent y’all a lot. Hope your party dies, actually.
@Reince Hahahahahahahahahaha! (No.)
@Reince Sure. As soon as you nominate a Conservative. Or Republican. Or human being. #NeverTrumpOrHillary
@Reince no.
@Reince I’ll write a check if Trump releases his tax returns, promise.
@Reince No. The GOP is dead. You let Trump kill it.
@Lonestarmomcom @Reince Go get it from the rich guy that doesn’t pay his damn taxes Reince! Frig off!
If I donate, what assurances can you offer that my money won’t go into #DonaldTrump’s legal defense fund for his countless lawsuits? @Reince
@Reince you must be so proud.
@Reince congrats on personally murdering the GOP. Good job!


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