Tuesday/ death, taxes and Hillary?

Stephen Colbert’s Late Show last night started with an homage (of sorts) to Hillary, in a psychedelic video short. Death, taxes and Hillary was the tagline .. but it is not such a sure thing at all that Hillary will be elected Madam President in November.  (It was a historic moment today at the Democratic National Convention when, for the first time, a woman was officially nominated for President).   Incredibly, candidate Trump got a little bump in his poll numbers despite a somewhat rag-tag Republican convention.   In some ‘battleground states’ they are even, say the polls.  

7-26-2016 10-06-38 PM
Stephen Colbert in his psychedelic sixties get-up, and along comes the Democratic party donkey (made into a unicorn), with Hillary in pantsuit and pearls. And how about the ‘peace’ sunglasses that both are wearing?

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  1. The introduction Colbert gives in the beginning before he eats the Philly sandwich makes it pretty clear that this is a sendup of her getting the nomination (and not the general election) and how her inevitability ticked off the Bernie Sanders supporters. He leads into the food poisoning episode by saying he doesn’t know how Sanders supporters are going to forgive the DNC with Hillary getting the nomination. Through out the primary campaign, sanders supporters have been complaining about Hillary’s “inevitability. “

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