Monday/ construction update

Here are some pictures from Sunday.  It was sunny and mild, and I went downtown to check up on the construction activities there, and ended up at Pike Place Market as well.

IMG_5683 sm
Here’s the Amazon biospheres .. coming along nicely, not? .. with the triangular glass panels installed on the first one.
IMG_5688 sm
This a peek towards the Seattle downtown waterfront and the construction to upgrade Pike Place Market’s facilities. It is scheduled for completion towards the end of 2017.
16041180 sm
Hey! And Mount Rainier was out, still snow-capped. (There is some 35 square miles of permanent snow cover on the mountain and surroundings. The mountain is an ‘episodically active’ volcano; the last eruption estimated to have been some 1,000 years ago). The Alaskan Way viaduct’s days are numbered. The tunnel that will replace it is now scheduled for completion in February 2017, and after that the viaduct will be demolished.

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