Sunday/ Sports Authority down and out

I was at the Northgate shopping complex on Saturday, and checked in at the Sports Authority sporting goods store that is closing there (for bargains, of course*).  The Colorado-based chain is going out of business.  I guess they were hurt by the soft-ish economy, the competition from other chains, and by Amazon that is eating everyone’s lunch to some extent.

*I didn’t buy anything.  I still have new-ish sneakers and enough t-shirts.  If the discounts go to 40% or 50%, I may buy some sneakers or a new tennis racket, even though I play very infrequently now.

IMG_5442 sm
Sports Authority sporting goods stores are closing down all over the country (the store is bankrupt). But 10% to 30% off is not a good enough deal for a serious bargain hunter, it seems to me.

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