Monday/ Memorial Day

We remember our fallen soldiers every Memorial Day in the United States.  (Veteran’s Day in November is to thank all veterans from the armed services, those that had served in wars and those that did not).  President Obama said a very true thing today – attending his last wreath-laying ceremony as President – that we should remember that each and every one of the soldiers that lay down their lives defending our country, is a hero, is someone’s hero. They are sons and daughters, moms and dads, brothers, sisters, dear friends, platoon leaders, officers, sergeants, support personnel.  And we salute every one.

A chart of the terrible toll of all the wars the United States had been involved in.  I would say the subtitle ‘Honoring America’s Wartime Veterans’ is not quite correct, though. Maybe it should be ‘Honoring America’s Wartime Heroes’ ?

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