Monday/ in San Francisco

IMG_5175 sm
I took the streetcar on the F line that runs along the Embarcadero, to my hotel in the San Francisco Waterfront.

I’m in San Francisco .. a small team has started on a new follow-up project at the same gas company.

I traveled in this morning, spent the day at the our office in Three Embarcadero Center, and then made my way to the hotel in the Waterfront.  It was a scramble to get out of the house this morning, and then for some reason the Uber app canceled my trip as soon as I got into the Uber driver’s car (maybe I inadvertently pressed a button on the phone, I’m not sure).  So anyway .. let’s just go!  I said, I will pay you in cash, which is what he did.

IMG_5159 sm
A 787 Dreamliner of Southern China Airlines at the gate in San Francisco .. these 787s are still a fairly rare sight at US airports (or at least in my experience).
IMG_5171 sm
Here’s the street car on the F line that took me to my hotel. It was built in 1946! They are all very different, the street cars that run the same route. The ones we have in Seattle are all new, and look the same, even though they have different colors.
IMG_5176 sm
More about my street car and its history ..
IMG_5177 sm
.. and here is the rest of the plaque, inside the streetcar.

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