Saturday shopping

We had a nice break in the rainy3-13-2016 11-30-16 AM weather on Saturday, and I ran out to go buy new LED light bulbs for my kitchen.  Not everyone has warned up to them : they require super-low wattage, but are also super-expensive ($15 per bulb).  And some people say they still prefer the warm glow of Edison’s 110-year old incandescent bulbs .. to which I say : it’s 2016, people! Doesn’t saving energy and money (over the long haul) feel good as well?

IMG_3370 sm
Blue sky!  .. and the trees are budding at Starbucks headquarters.  The Stars and Stripes is at half-mast to pay respect to Nancy Reagan’s funeral that was on Friday.
IMG_3377 sm
I came away with a cool Maps & Geography work book from Office Max (that is really intended for 3rd to 6th graders). It has line drawings of each State in, with just a bit of color and the State flower and bird, and other little interesting facts.

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