Friday/ back to the City by the Bay

IMG_2910 sm
Uh-oh, I thought when I saw this. And : I doubt it’s a 13 minute delay only. Let me go south across the San Mateo-Hayward Bridge to get to San Francisco, which is what I did.
IMG_2934 sm
This is the corner of a big building by the Powell Street BART Station : the Bank of America Financial building.
IMG_2930 sm
Levi Strauss & Co (jeans store) was founded in San Francisco in 1853. This flagship store on Market Street offers tailored clothing, even if it is just stitching some patches or lettering onto a jacket or a jean.
IMG_2931 sm
And with Easter coming up, some chocolate bunnies waiting to get snapped up. They are made by local chocolate maker Ghirardelli Chocolate Company, itself some 160 years old.

We completed our work session late afternoon, and we have another one early Monday morning, so it was hardly worth for me to fly back home for a very short weekend.   And so I’m staying over in the City.  I took the rental car back to Hertz, and I took the train into the city.  (I will pick up the rental car again on Sunday).

I am staying in a Marriott close to Union Square. There was a little drizzly rain in the air as I went out for a walk, but barely enough to make the streets and pavements wet.

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