Monday/ afternoon flight out

I ignored Saturday’s baffling and crazy mass shooting in Kalamazoo, Michigan* and ordered an Uber driver nonetheless, to get me to the airport today.  The driver was fine, but I really should take the train next time.  We got completely stuck in traffic for 15 minutes even before we got to Interstate 5.

*Uber is a popular online taxi dispatch company (rides are ordered with a smart-phone app).  Uber does vet its drivers and does background checks on them.  During Saturday night in Kalamazoo, a forty-something Uber driver – a dad with two kids, no criminal record – shot eight people in cold blood at three locations, for no apparent reason whatsoever. Six people dead.  He was found and stopped after seven hours.  He really had no explanation to offer for his actions at his arraignment today.

IMG_2870 sm
Sunset this afternoon, around 5.30 pm, at Seattle-Tacoma airport’s North terminal. That’s our Boeing 737 that is bound for San Francisco, in the foreground.

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