Tuesday/ driving out to Chico

2-3-2016 8-33-56 PM
My rental car for the week is a little Prius-C. (I like it a lot).

I traveled to Sacramento airport on Tuesday, and drove out to Chico, an hour and forty minutes to its north.

Our project is winding down.  We are bringing our last group of users into the system that we had built for them.   We’re also steering clear of the Bay Area this week.  Air fare and hotel prices are through the roof with the upcoming Superbowl 50 that is hosted by Santa Clara.at the south end of the Bay.

P.S.  Hillary Clinton won the Democratic caucus in Iowa with a razor-thin 49.9% share of the votes, over 49.6% for Bernie Sanders.

IMG_2547 sm
The drive up from Sacramento airport is mostly on Highway 70, but Highway 99 is the one that gets one into Chico.

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