Saturday/ Mandurah

12-27-2015 9-00-59 AM
Mandurah is about an hour’s drive south of Perth.

We drove down to the seaside city of Mandurah (say ‘MAN-duh-rah’) on Saturday (the day after Christmas, called ‘Boxing Day’ here), about an hour’s drive south of Perth.   The Peel-Harvey estuary is heavily used for recreational boating and fishing.  It is now mostly salt-water, after the construction in 1994 of a channel that let seawater push in with the tides.   Still, the estuary is home to the blue swimmer crab, the western king prawn and fish such as black bream and cobbler, and is even visited occasionally by dolphins.

IMG_1569 sm
The waterfront around the estuary has lots of apartments and touristy businesses (restaurants and shops).
IMG_1582 sm
The estuary is shallow enough at low tide at the edges for wading into with the water only coming up knee-deep.
IMG_1588 sm
This is Silver Sands beach on the Atlantic Ocean. It was very warm – too warm to spend too much time in the sun – but we went in for a quick swim in the sea.

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