Thursday means going home

It was Thursday again, and I got to go home.  (Yay!). Today I had to host two WebEx* virtual training sessions, the second one from San Francisco airport, until I had to board my flight.  Man! The free airport wi-fi was as poor as the signal I could get from my supposed 4G personal ‘Mi-fi’ device.  But we struggled though it somehow.

*WebEx is an application that transmits the trainer’s computer screen to all the participants’ screens.

IMG_0420 sm
Here is British Airways’ big bird Boeing 747 lumbering up to the runway for its departure to London Heathrow. The flight across North America and the Atlantic Ocean takes 9 hours.
IMG_0424 sm
And here we are approaching 10,000 ft up after take-off .. look for a little spec of black between the two landmasses on the left : it is the Golden Gate bridge. The Bay Bridge is the long one over Yetba Buena and Treasure Island, in the middle of the picture.

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